Cracksealing is preventative maintenance that lengthens the life of parking lots and roadways.

cracksealing commercial pavement, filling surface cracks

Prior to filling a crack with sealant, it must be cleaned to blow out any dirt or debris. This will ensure a proper bond of the sealant material. A heat lance, which is extremely heated compressed air, is used to clean the crack and remove moisture providing a better surface for sealant to adhere to.

Once the cracks are cleaned they are ready to be filled with hot rubber which is indirectly heated to 370 degrees in an oil jacketed melter. The melted rubber is then pumped into the prepared crack using a hand wand. A steel disk slides along the crack to leave a uniform band. This forms a firm but flexible seal which stands up to the summer heat and winter freeze.

It is normal to see cracks develop in asphalt pavement. The key is to seal them as they occur to prevent water from entering the pavement or stone base.

Open cracks allow water to flow into the base and then freeze. This will heave the pavement and cause more cracking.

Overtime, the individual cracks will turn into shattered, alligatored areas which then become potholes. Effective cracksealing stops water from entering the pavement and stone base.

crack filling close up

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