When a parking lot reaches the end of its life cycle it must either be resurfaced or replaced.

The decision to replace or repair can be determined by the amount of shattered and failed areas. If the lot has shifted, settled or rutted, there is likely a base problem which must be addressed.

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Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing

Existing pavement is milled to remove 1-2 inches of asphalt. We sweep and clean the remaining pavement to remove debris that would prevent bonding. A coating of liquid asphalt emulsion (tack) is placed to enhance the bonding. New hot mixed surface asphalt is paved and compacted to the specified thickness. (Typically 1.5” – 2” inches)

site services crew patching commercial pavement

Parking Lot Replacement

The existing asphalt is milled off and removed down to the stone base. The stone base is graded to improve drainage and then vibratory compacted. New hot mixed asphalt is paved in 2 layers (binder and surface) to bring the lot back to new condition. (Typically 3.5” – 6” depending on traffic loads)

site services crew finishing resurfacing business parking lot

New Parking Lot Installation

New stone base is installed, graded, and compacted. The thickness of the stone varies from 8 inches to 12 inches. Four inches of hot mixed asphalt will be installed in two lifts. The first lift will be 2.5” of binder to provide strength. The second lift will be 1.5” of surface to provide a smooth driving surface. The depths of the stone base and asphalt can change to meet the specified pavement cross section in the plan design.

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  • - Bob
    I saw the work they did and liked it. They saved me a bunch of money on the work they performed here for me. It was positive from the first time I met their sales person. He was honest and great to deal with. The crew that came out did a great job as well. There were no surprises.
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    We have not looked into other quotes for this work for a few years now. I am sure Site Services is not the lowest cost alternative, but I learned of them through a recommendation many years ago and they continue to be my first choice. We use Site Services for our parking lot needs because of their service and commitment to excellent work. I am always pleased with their willingness to work with our business. As a high traffic location with odd hours (movie theater) Site Services is very accommodating to work around our needs
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    Site Services is a very professional company with friendly and informed staff. Their product is consistently excellent and their prices are fair. Their prices are competitive and fair. In their business, the lowest price is not always the best value.
    - Catherine
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    We choose Site Services for their reputation and for the past projects that were done at Sherwood lake, we were very satisfied with the work. Site Services was not the lowest price quoted but, you get what you pay for and we feel Site Services was the best. We have always had a positive experience with Site Services, the patience, quality of work and dependability are just a part of why considered the company.
    - Jan
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