Client Testimonials

We're proud of the work we've completed. There is great satisfaction in knowing you've done your job well and served your clients' interests. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to provide Site Services with honest feedback on their experiences.

Olympic Steel – Gary, IN

B. Ashley, Maintenance Manager

Describe the reasons you buy from Site Services:
"I saw the work they did and liked it. They saved me a bunch of money on the work they performed here for me. They showed me their new product and the price for what you get is a no brainer."

Was Site Services your lowest price quoted? (And how did that influence your buying decision?)
Yes for the asphalt, they were the best price. Then they showed me the RCC and I saved even more."

Was there a positive or negative experience you could describe?
"It was positive from the first time I met their sales person. He was honest and great to deal with. The crew that came out did a great job as well. There were no surprises."

Portage 16 IMAX Theater – Portage, IN

K. Morgan, Manager

"We have not looked into other quotes for this work for a few years now. I am sure Site Services is not the lowest cost alternative, but I learned of them through a recommendation many years ago and they continue to be my first choice. We use Site Services for our parking lot needs because of their service and commitment to excellent work. I am always pleased with their willingness to work with our business. As a high traffic location with odd hours (movie theater) Site Services is very accommodating to work around our needs."

1st American Management – Valparaiso, IN

C. Saponaro, Property Manager

"Site Services is a very professional company with friendly and informed staff. Their product is consistently excellent and their prices are fair. Their prices are competitive and fair. In their business, the lowest price is not always the best value."

Sherwood Lake Apartments – Schererville, IN

J. Messinio, Property Manager

"We choose Site Services for their reputation and for the past projects that were done at Sherwood lake, we were very satisfied with the work. Site Services was not the lowest price quoted but, you get what you pay for and we feel Site Services was the best. We have always had a positive experience with Site Services, the patience, quality of work and dependability are just a part of why considered the company."

Portage Commons – Portage, IN

P. Billeck, Property Manager

Describe the reason you buy from Site Services:
"I originally had another contractor do some parking lot work for me.  It was a disaster! I called Site Services, met with Eric DeVries to review the damage.  Eric walked me through exactly what was done incorrectly and what it would take to make the repairs.  Site Services went above and beyond to complete the contracted work.  The parking lot looked great when they were done!  My experience with Eric and Site Services has been great.  They are knowledgeable, professional, provide quality work and are very easy to work with."

Was Site Services your lowest price quoted?
"Site Services pricing is very competitive."

Was there a positive or negative experience you could describe?
"Site Services was very easy to work with.  I have been very happy with the quality of work  they have done at the two buildings I manage.  I am looking forward to working with them again this spring/summer!"

St. Thomas More Project – Munster, IN

C. Keslin, President of Keslin Engineering, Inc.

"We plan, budget, design and manage projects, but rely on others to construct. Site Services not only provided in a timely fashion, the trained personal, quality material and required equipment for fulfilling contractual obligations, but also provided much more during the milling and repaving of the parking lots at St. Thomas More Church and School… Site Services staff treated all involved with or affected by the construction with consideration and respect. The consideration was evident in coordination of scheduling to accommodate the various functions at the Church and School. The respect was evident in the interaction with the users of the facility, and addressing concerns of those affected by the construction. My sincere thanks."

Andrean High School – Merrillville, IN

Father P. Quanz, Principal

"Site Services was so willing to work with my budget. They broke each job down into individual parts so I was able to manage each in the budget. We used Site Services in the past based on a recommendation and we found their service to meet and exceed the recommendation. For this reason we did not seek bids. One positive is the quick and efficient service. They were in and out and had the job done with a minimal disruption. They did what they said they were going to do, there was no hidden costs after the proposal was accepted."

Hanson Logistics – Hobart, IN

T. Cambe, Warehouse Supervisor

"The reason I hired Site Services is because you were a contact I had from our building expansion project, and I would prefer not to have too many hands in the cookie jar if you know what I mean. You were the not the lowest quote but you get what you pay for. Yes I had a positive experience with your company. In fact you returned to crackseal some of the concrete that we didn’t think would need it."

Hobart YMCA – Hobart, IN

D. Polomchak, Director

Describe the reasons you buy from Site Services?
"The reputation and quality of work, as well as the ability to handle all types of applications."

Was Site Services your lowest price quoted?
"No, Site Services was not the lowest price quoted, however, I know they stand behind their work and they will be in business down the road. The results are always positive."

Duneland Schools – Chesterton, IN

B. Branham, Director of Facilities

"I was very satisfied with the work Site Services did over the summer. I am well satisfied with the final outcome and look forward to working with your company again next year."

Professional Building Services – Crete, IL

E. Chase, Professional Building Services

"Working with you inserted a confidence into the project I only receive from the professional of companies. I want you to know the Site Services Staff are on the top of our list of pavement maintenance companies."

School Town of Munster – Munster, IN

S. Vauter, Construction Coordinator

"We at School Town of Munster choose to work with Site Services because we can trust that they will do the work right the first time.  As the experts in their field, they help guide us in the most cost effective process for our projects. I always know that SS will be honest and fair when unexpected problems arise. As a public school corporation, we are obligated to use the lowest most responsible bid and I believe SS tries hard to win our work because our projects have had very positive outcomes. I am happy to say that when we ran into an unsuitable soils condition on our most recent paving project at an elementary school, they suggested using a newer "stone base stabilization" product that saved us tens of thousands of dollars in excavation costs."

Shoppes at Schererville – Schererville, IN

K. Davis, Property Manager, Maly Commercial Realty

"We are an out-of-state company and have used Site Services since our shopping center was constructed in Indiana. Site Services is always willing to cooperate with our tenants to minimize any disruption of business while work is being done and also does a wonderful job in keeping us updated on the progress of the project by providing photographs. It has been a pleasure doing business with Site Services, and we look forward to doing business with them in the future."

Thomas D. Combs & Sons, Inc. – Chesterton, IN

T. Combs, General Contractor

"Site Services is loyal family based company that puts pride and friendship above everything else. Site Services is very competitive in the industry, and is always very knowledgeable on all aspects of asphalt work. It is always a very positive experience working with Site Services. They have a very professional and courteous staff. Projects are always handled with great respect to the owners and contractors, and if problems arise they are worked out so that all parties involved are informed up front and no hidden costs."

St. James Manor – Crete, IL

B. Shepard, St. James Manor

"I have been dealing with Site Services for over 14 years. The service is and always has been excellent. The prices are always within my budget and they go the extra mile to ensure I am satisfied with the completed project."

Was Site Services your lowest price quoted?
"They were in fact not the lowest price but the project involved some recycling of asphalt rather than disposing of the old surface and with the push to go green I was interested to use this process and we had great results."

Was there a positive experience you could describe?
"I had a wood wheel chair ramp in place and asked to have one made of asphalt to replace it. I expected just a simple ramp on top of the existing pavement. Instead they saw cut the pavement and made a ramp that became part of the pavement instead of laying one on top. This will stand up to snow plowing and wear much longer and is fantastic in appearance."