What Is Roller Compacted Concrete?

Roller compacted concrete (RCC) is a tough, durable type of concrete pavement that is well suited for heavy industrial applications, as well as low-speed roads and arterial roads. Roller compacted concrete draws its name from the construction practices used to place and finish the material. Similiar to what the industry knows as conventional concrete(stone, sand, cement, and water), RCC however, is composed up of different proportions and placing methods. Roller compacted concrete pavement (RCCP) is a dry mix that is rigid enough to bear the weight of 20 ton rollers and stiff enough to be compacted by high density pavers. The standard means of placing RCCP is by first being placed through a standard or high density paver and subsequently compacted by a non-vibratory or vibratory roller. Most of the time, RCC is constructed without joints, formwork, finishing, steel reinforcement, or dowels. Making a significant economic impact in those areas for the job at hand.

You'll Benefit From RRC Because It's...

  • Stronger and great for heavy-duty traffic areas
  • Significantly longer in service life
  • More rigid for greater load-bearing capacity
  • Harder for better surface abrasion resistance
  • Easy to maintain, both short and long term
  • Reflective due to the lighter surface color that lowers your lighting requirements
  • Made in the USA and locally manufactured
  • Completely recyclable
  • Priced virtually the same as asphalt
  • Not tied to volatile petroleum prices
  • Reduces the urban heat island effect

Roller compacted Concrete In Indiana

Roller compacted concrete in the State of Indiana has been a very successful application in heavy industrial roads to low speed/light traffic roads. Located in roughly 40 counties (out of Indiana's 92 counties), from northern Indiana to southern Indiana, RCC usage is rising, with more in the future. Within the last 5 years, Indiana has seen a rise in the produciton of RCC because of it's proven track record, as well as its other features; like high early strength (we've seen anywhere as high as 9000 psi), quicker construction times, and quicker opening times on paving projects. This product is created through the use of local components, produced by local ready mix producers, and applied by local contractors. The selling points of this product can go on and on, just like roller compacted concrete is able to. Take another hard look at this material when durability and longevity are your material needs.