Project Planning

This process is the sequence of events where the "vision development and information gathering" stage moves through the available "choices and prices" stage into the "specification and blueprint" stage. This co-operative process delivers accurate and targeted projects that are custom tailored to each client's unique variables, finances and priorities. Our project planning process that creates a clearly defined Scope of Work provides results with the very highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Below is an outline of our project planning process and the items we consider at each stage:

Priority Investigation
  • Project Objectives
  • Funding Levels
  • Service Life Requirements
Project Criteria Review
  • Current Pavement Condition Assessment
  • Modification Requests / Compliance Issues
  • Single or Multi-phased Project
Construction Methods and Materials Review
  • Repair Alternatives
  • Maintenance Alternatives
Scope of Work Development
  • Detailed Project Specifications
  • Detailed Project Schedules
  • Detailed Project Budgets / Prices
Long term Pavement Maintenance Recommendations
  • Projected Work Activities
  • Projected Time Increments
  • Projected Budget Prices
Some of the variables addressed are:
  • Safety - pedestrian & vehicle
  • Desired Appearance Standards
  • Traffic flow, patterns, types and volumes
  • Parking density and traffic control
  • Structural Pavement Inspection and Improvement Recommendations
  • Planned changes or modifications to the property - building additions, etc.
  • Storm Water Drainage issues / Snow Removal
  • Past Maintenance Practices
  • Repair, Reconstruct or Maintain criteria
  • Current and Anticipated Budget / Funding Levels
  • Nature of the business