Asphalt Paving and Installation

Asphalt paving and installation

There are 3 necessary ingredients to building a great parking lot. It begins with a strong stone base, followed by a proper drainage plan. The final step is installing the appropriate amount asphalt. A typical car parking lot has 8" of stone base and 3 ½" of asphalt. For heavier traffic the minimums increase to 10" of stone and 4 ½" of asphalt. There must be greater than 1% slope throughout the whole parking lot to allow proper drainage.

When a parking lot reaches the end of its life cycle it must either be resurfaced or replaced. This can be determined by the amount of shattered and failed areas. If the lot has shifted, settled or rutted, there is likely a base problem which must be addressed.

Service Methods

The selected area will be cleaned to remove dirt and debris that would prevent the bonding of the new asphalt to the existing. A coating of liquid asphalt emulsion (tack) will be placed to enhance the bonding. A new wearing course of hot, plant mixed asphalt surface will be installed to a minimum uniform compacted thickness of 1.5". The edges of the overlay will be tapered to meet the existing pavement or milled joints (if specified) to provide as smooth a transition as possible.

3 ½" Thickness: All of the existing asphalt is milled off, the existing stone base is graded and compacted, 3 ½" new asphalt is installed.

The area selected for paving will be prepared with compacted stone base and coarse graded for 3.5" pavement. We will fine grade and compact immediately prior to paving. 3.5" of hot, plant mixed asphalt will be installed in two(2) lifts. The first lift will be a 2" course of asphalt "binder" to provide strength and the second lift will be a 1.5" course of asphalt "surface" to provide a smooth, tight driving surface. The depths of the asphalt can change to meet the specified pavement cross section in the design.