Asphalt Patching Repair

Remove and Replace Asphalt Patching

As asphalt pavement ages, it's important to be diligent about preventative maintenance such as cracksealing and sealcoating. However, occasionally the imperfections become to significant to address with these simple methods. When that happens, repairing the asphalt by patching can address the problem areas of your surface. Asphalt patching can restore areas that are shattered, settled or exposed and leave your surface as smooth as the day it was installed.

You can trust the professionals at Site Services to provide an honest assesment of you pavement along with true suggestions about the best course of action. Before, during and after the patching process, Site Services will address not only the surface level needs, but also the potential for future issues by assessing what is at the base level of the pavement.

Service Methods

Areas in your parking lot that are shattered, settled or potholed must be removed and replaced. This requires digging out these areas, compacting the stone base and replacing the asphalt. This will provide the strongest repair and the longest service life.

Infrared Patching is a cost effective process to repair asphalt pavement surface defects. By reheating the existing pavement and adding new asphalt, this process offers significant advantages to conventional repair practices. This is a lower cost alternative to removing and replacing sections of asphalt.

In this type of patching the loose material in the potholes is cleaned out. New hot or cold mix asphalt is placed in the open hole. The material is then properly compacted using a roller or small compactor. This provides a temporary repair.