School Town of Highland

The school system spent a substantial amount of money 3 years ago when they completed asphalt resurfacing projects at the 5 schools. The goal for this year’s project was to protect the pavement to get the maximum life, but also stay within budget. Together we developed a specific “scope of work” for each of their 7 facilities (5 schools, the administration building and the bus garage). The goal was to make repairs to the older pavement, and then crackseal, sealcoat and stripe the newest pavement. Overall Site Services sealcoated more than 530,000 square feet of asphalt and finished the project well before the end of the summer.

Project Information

  • Location: Highland, Indiana
  • Categories: Full Depth Patching, Crackseal, Seal and Stripe

Project Testimonial

"The reason we contacted Site Services was the recommendation from the asphalt suppliers. Site Services was not the lowest price, however their reputation for quality work and the fact of being local made the difference. The jobs, as many as there were, were completed just as planned to accommodate our schedule needs. We never had a problem through the whole project."

Scott, Director of Facilities