Maison Royal Apartments

In 2010 we were contacted by the Maison Royale Apartments in regards to the failing pavement throughout the community. After reviewing the site it was deterermined that all of the pavement was in poor condition and needed resurfacing. But, the money budgeted was not nearly sufficient to complete the work. After working through the pricing numbers and annual budgets, we recommended a 4 year plan of upgrading the asphalt . We separated the community into 4 sections and began the project with the worst area.

The Property Manager Mary Zeigelmaier knew that the parking lots were in rough shape. And by working together with Mary a plan was developed and executed. There is 1 more section that is need of resurfacing and the entire complex will be fully upgraded. The next step is to develop a maintenance plan to keep the property in great condition.

Project Information

  • Date: 2010
  • Location: Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Categories: Milling, Surface And Striping