Lincoln Center

In 2011 Site Services was awarded the stone base installation and asphalt paving at the Lincoln Center in Highland, IN. Much of the old Lincoln Center was demolished to make way for new state of the art center. Along with the new building was the total reconstruction of the parking lot. A large portion of the parking lot was constructed in the fall of 2011 with the remainder being completed in the spring of 2012. We placed the majority of the stone base and binder asphalt in 2011 and then completed the surface paving and striping in 2012.

As a cost savings effort they were able to salvage some of the stone from the previous parking lot and reuse it on the new lot. This also saved money on the trasportation costs for hauling the materials as well. The project is a great success and the parks department will receive many more years of great service from the new facility and parking lots.

Project Information

  • Date: 2011
  • Location: Highland, Indiana
  • Categories: Stone, Binder, Surface And Striping