Duneland School Corporation

During the 2011-2012 seasons Site Services had the opportunity to work for Duneland Schools. Overall we milled, paved, patched, cracksealed, sealcoated and striped at 7 different schools and the bus barn. Chesterton High School was the largest of the projects where we sealcoated ½ million square feet of asphalt and used 9,000 gallons of sealer, plus over 130 gallons of paint! 400 man hours were spent at the high school alone.

Project Information

  • Date: 2011-2012
  • Location: Chesterton, Indiana
  • Categories: Milling, Paving, Full Depth Patching, Crackseal, Seal and Stripe

Project Testimonial

“I was very satisfied with the work Site Services did over the summer. I am well satisfied with the final outcome and look forward to working with your company again next year.”